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Jakob’s leadership and communication skills were crafted through the role he played in several championship athletic programs. As a player, he captained the 3 winningest teams in Mercer University’s school history, capped with a 2014 NCAA Tournament bid and Round 1 upset victory over the #3 seeded Duke Blue Devils—a game that would win Jakob and his teammates an ESPY Award. As a coach, Jakob won a National Championship in 2015 with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, eventually retiring from his three year coaching stint to pursue other passions.

He founded The Master Your Craft Study in 2017, where he operates as Producer, Chief-Editor, Writer, and On-Air Personality. The MYC Study is an online publication of athletic excellence, where Jakob and his team conduct book research, record podcasts, and write/produce articles, videos, and tools for coaches, athletes, and trainers.
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Known for his intellectual reason, thought provoking ideas, and charismatic spirit, Jakob has committed to his broader educational and social impact goals by way of teaching collegiate courses and as an influential Public Speaker, conducting Lifestyle Design Workshops for Universities and Businesses.


Mercer University

Master of Education (M.Ed.) – Higher Educational Leadership
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – Communication Studies (major), Business Administration (minor)

Primal Blueprint Health Coach

A health coaching certification rooted in the paleo/ancestral health ideology.

Speaking + Workshops

Lifestyle Design Workshops

Jakob conducts single event and serial lifestyle design workshops for the general student body and athletic departments at numerous Universities. His events involve segments on Perspective, Leadership, Communication, Culture Building, Productivity/organization, and Day Design. Throughout these engagements, Jakob has informally (and rather jokingly) become recognized as “The Architect of Areté”.


Jakob was sidelined his first two seasons as a collegiate player, having 5 surgeries on his foot and knee. Despite a multitude of ruthless adversities, Jakob became a 4-year team captain, 4-year starter, and winningest player in Mercer Basketball history. With his champion’s pedigree and a humbling story of grit, perseverance, and true benevolent leadership to speak of, Jakob has an inspiring, thought provoking message, and his tale will touch everyone in the room.

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University of South Carolina Aiken

Jakob is a Professor of Communication Studies with a focus on Organizational and Leadership Communication.


Book Projects

4 Coaches
Anomaly is our Norm

Jakob’s Blog

Anecdotes on Areté, Perspective, Leadership, Education, Communication, Book Readings, and other random thought provoking ideas. Click here to check it out!


Still today, and dating back to age 10, Jakob periodically authors short diddles and poetry. Only a few have been published on this site, but he plans to release more in the coming months! Click here to check it out!

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Jakob's Blog

Anecdotes on Areté, Perspective, Leadership, Education, Communication, Poetry, Book Readings, and other random thought provoking ideas.

Let the journey begin!

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