I have re-written this section countless times. This is the crisis of our generation, defining one’s self in an ‘about me’ box knowing that 95% of our peers will log that as ‘who we are’ without ever speaking to us, because reading the long-version is just too cumbersome for our over-crowded, over-busy lives.

In short: I’m a polymath with a hyperactive mind, curious about and fascinated by the complexities of, basically, everything. I’m firmly committed to living a life of “areté”—omnipresent excellence, and my mottos are ‘making the best of this life’ (Mt. Botl), and “Do it now or forever wish you had”.

At length: I had a semi-famed, historic basketball stint (captaining the 2014 Mercer team that upset Duke in NCAA Tournament + winning a Nat’l Title as a coach). I quit the sports industry all-together, cold turkey, soon after. I had an existential crisis with ‘glory’ and ‘meaning’ and other challenging thoughts revolving around how many hours (90+/week) I was spending trying to ‘win games’.

Since 2017, I’ve been in pursuit of several entrepreneurial ideas and am educating myself on a few new areas of focus. The following is a condensed list of the countless curiosities and industries that I’ve explored, worked in, or studied the last 3 years (of which I will need to choose 1-3 of to focus on sooner than later).

Writing, Podcasting, Teaching—Adjunct College Professor, Public Speaking + Workshops, Building & Construction, Sustainable Real Estate Development—Industrial + Urban Repurposing in particular, Negotiation, Marketing—Branding/design/communications, Woodwork, Gardening, Permaculture-based farming and homesteading, Psychology, Industrial Engineering—Process Improvement + UX consulting, Project Management, Renewable Energy, & Executive Coaching for (select) clients focusing on leadership, personal brand + career development, health habits, productivity, networking, and communication skills.

Yes, all of it, and since I sleep minimally, and my mind races like an ostrich on crack all day and night, I’ve come to know a fair bit about each one of those topics. I have an obsession with learning and (truly) understanding how the world works.

I’m always looking to connect and have conversations with folks, so, hit me up.
I hope my work brings you joy, value, a challenge, or a ripe perspective.

Much love,

Each day, we have the opportunity to take one step up Mt. Botl. Don’t squander it. Keep moving forward, one good choice at a time.

“Who the f*** is Jakob Gollon and why is he scoring on us?”
— Coach K

“I fear I’ll be lost in time when they put Jakob’s face on the $100.”
— Benjamin Franklin
“What have I gotten myself into?”
— Jamie (Lovely wife of Jakob)