Asking questions

“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.”

Francis Bacon

To consider, act, and show care for our current and future selves is a prudent way of thinking.

To improve, we start by admitting that we do not know all that there is to know (and generally speaking, never will).
That admittance is the cost of entry.
Then, we must ask questions in order to learn.

[“But, what questions should I be asking?]
Ahh. Great question. In fact, that’s the best first question!

After all, wisdom (or purpose for that matter), does not fall from trees and bop us on the noggin, despite the story Mr. Newton might tell.

For each of us, our own path. A chocolatier might ask about sourcing ingredients or about a new baking process. The gardener, about planting seasons and soil maintenance. So, first, we ask “What questions should I ask?”, and that will probably lead us down the path of, “What am I really aiming to accomplish here?”

That right there is how a multitude of great stories begin.
With a prudent question.

Written by Jakob Gollon

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