Establish who you are.

Establish why you are here.

Know what you are aiming at.

Stand firm in principle, but open to growth.

Establish your moral foundation, then not a moment sooner, or too long after, take up arms and join the war.

The internet is chaos, but we cannot pretend like it doesn’t exist. We must steal from it what we can, and keep the rest at bay.



Virtually, it is our reality (see what I did there?).

Universal digitization is omnipresent now. It will be omnipresent for our children.

Our impact will be directly linked to how well we navigate the the new waters, not how we sailed before the storm.

Keep your head about you.

But do not sit quietly in your small corner of the world.

First, establish THE HUMAN YOU, then,

Breath. Smile. Go.

Get lost in the maze.

Written by Jakob Gollon

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