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Too busy to get organized?What a conundrum. Contrary to what our immediate perceptions might be, organization gives us time, it does not steal it away. It can be difficult to make that judgement when we're in the thick of things.Rapidly checking tasks off of our list...

People skills

The need for specific skill sets fluctuates with the overall need of the economy. At scale, that need has been digital skills. It's no wonder millennials face a roller coaster of emotions when deciding on 'developing a set of skills' or 'finding a career'. We're in a...

Asking questions

"A prudent question is one half of wisdom." - Francis Bacon To consider, act, and show care for our current and future selves is a prudent way of thinking. To improve, we start by admitting that we do not know all that there is to know (and generally speaking, never...

Reward Thyself

Why is it that when we reward ourselves, we are almost always choosing to do things that are only a reward in the short-term? Good workout today? Reward thyself: Cake and Ice Cream Result: must commit to a grueling workout tomorrow (one we probably won’t do). Finished...

Flying with feet

To fly, we need wings. To begin to fly, feet! Think, every flying thing has feet or wheels, yes? Birds, planes, insects, people with jetpacks. Thus he cried, "I traded my feet for wings!  No doubt a mistake, but why? Without feet I can't get to running, Which I...

Many Worlds

Each in their own world, like so many others, these men might find a consistent joy.

Introvert AND Extrovert

Imagine taking every social construct we know to be true, and duplicating it with a  digital reality. Each platform like a new dimension. We can be whomever we choose to be, and not one world needs to have likened carry over. 

Off the Cheap-end

Tired of our things breaking in 2 days. 
We should trade our plastic for steel. Spend a little more $ on items that will last!

Commitment, John Henry, & “Tilt Walks”

They’re the uniforms we wear, the arenas we play in, but they are not the sport. We compete in the boundaries of the sport, but our play has limitless expression!

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