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Trusting Our Vision

In the process-of-progress, it’s difficult for people to conceive in their mind the same outcomes that we have–our vision.

Toilet Paper Teachings

Never are we more resourceful than when the toilet paper is running out. We get by cleaning our bum with 2-3 (sometimes thin) squares-per-wipe. It's impressive, really. Yet, time and time again, we overuse TP when it's in abundance -- a new roll -- without considering...

Never in Routine

It’s a blueprint to follow, but not a set of commandments. If we feel like we’re eternally damned for not following routine (which is common), then no routine is going to work in our favor anyway. It has to be firm enough, but also adaptable and flexible, because our lives demand that. Too rigid, and a routine can be harmful. 


My houseplants taught me a valuable lesson. What's the key to being a successful houseplant-parent? Is persistence the key to successfully raising houseplants? That sounds busy. Nobody has enough persistence in their tank after work, family, and other life passions to...

Band Geeks

Did you beg your parents to let you join the band? No? I didn't either. Others may have, but to my knowledge, taking intense musical lessons was not highly sought after by my elementary and middle school peers. It's peculiar to me that so few children are envious of...

Time or Money?

Money is relative, but Time on the other hand, is absolute. | Click to continue reading >>

Gift of Existence

How simple is that? Just to be alive.

People reproach us for discovering it. Is it jealousy?

But we must be unapologetic in that feeling. 

You can’t be ashamed of that.

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