Shelve It

Ideas come in bunches.

Some are great. No, most are great!

But great for what? Great for whom? Great for WHEN?

Is it worth it to sit down for a second time and follow up on a stray idea? Maybe.

On every idea? Absolutely not.

We need to think diligently about our critical path whenever a new idea emerges. Will it delay or will it work synergistically with our current pursuit? If the former, it had better be more important to us than what we are currently working on.

If it is not? SHELVE IT.

Don’t throw it out, though. Tuck it away.

Out of sight. Out of mind. But alive and well.

This is one of the many reasons why being organized is so valuable. If our office (metaphor) is messy, there’s no room to store the ideas that need time to marinate before they serve us.

Shelving our random ideas, rather than suppressing or ignoring them, gives way for the joyful opportunity to be reinvigorated by them later.

Remember the last time you found a $20 bill in your pocket while doing laundry?

That feeling. (Yessss).

Now, imagine happening upon a long-lost-idea that makes perfect sense to chase now.


Happy shelving.

Written by Jakob Gollon

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