a poem by Jakob Gollon

You must not follow your heart.
You must not follow your heart.

For if you do
you’re sure to find,

its madness knows no walls.

Mountains have tried the pursuit of such,

and down to dust they fall.

Scattered bones, the Sirens call,
no footsteps in the sand.

Trails of crumbs are blown about.

None to guide the needing hand.

Do, though, chase along,
but do it not for cause, please son,
or reason

or for truth.

Take the reigns, and carve your way,
if the chase so howls your name.
Bludgeon the doubt that creeps within,

and find out why you came.

But if you’re the coward that heeds my bell,

and heavy flows the fear in you,

Then please my boy, start home at once,

By air, by boat or train.

‘cause your heart wandered lost
way long ago,
and your whole pursuit
will be in vain.

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