Honeymoon to Ireland (2018) – I think we did it right

IMG_2697Only read this post if you love Ireland or you plan to visit there. It’s long-winded, and it goes into detail on what we did so that you might better plan your trip there.

To my regular blog post readers: this is unorthodox. Certainly, I am not a travel blogger, else you’d only get a blog update about once every 4 years.

I wrote this because I had numerous people that reached out to me about their own trips to Ireland coming up, and I thought it better to write it well, write it once, and be able to send them a link rather than spend an hour telling 20 different people about our experience. It also turned into somewhat of a memoir piece for Jamie (my wife) and I.

I hope this helps you on your trip! Share it with your friends if they plan to visit, and if there are questions, ask in the comments! Honeymoon to Ireland (2018) – I think we did it right