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Poem: “A diddle of first-time fathers”

I wrote this poem for my beautiful girls — Jamie Rose, my wife, and our precious daughter, Jara Rose, on October 27th, 2020, just a few days after Jamie delivered her at Duke Regional Hospital in Durham, NC. — Jakob A diddle of first time fathers By: Jakob Gollon These girls, these girls. In their…

The expert inside

We don’t need a logical justification for everything. Our world was built on failures (and then learning from them). That feeling we get in our gut that something is worth doing (or worth avoiding) is worth paying attention to. Even if our gut guides us wrong once in a while, it’s great exercise. A gut…

Four white walls, no windows.

This is a fun question/metaphor that my best friends and I toy around with a lot. If you were locked in an empty room, with four white walls (and ceiling and floor), no windows, no objects, nothing, except one other person, for an entire day… Who would you choose to have in there with you?…

Huddle Up

The pressure is mounting. The game’s on the line. Everyone is tight. Chaos is the norm in a heated athletic event. The crowd can be deafening. How do we counter that?What do teams do? They huddle up. The closer we, as teammates, can get, the easier it is to block out the noise, and communicate…

No time at all

Great things, unlike this blog post, take an immense amount of time and effort to produce. Or, in contrast, could it be that the small efforts, performed with immense consistency, are what we glorify in the end? Only time will tell.

I’m here now

Being ‘present’ is a concept I’ve been working on lately. I often get caught up in the chaos of my ambition, but I also know intimately how valuable it is to keep a mindfulness practice. So, I try. Here’s a note I took after I meditated a few days ago—I’ve put together a nice routine…

That is Stupid

When we have a wild idea, many of the folks that truly care about our well-being seem to think that pursuing said idea would be, “stupid”. Most of the time, it is. A small percentage of people are bold and courageous enough to pursue it anyway. But they ought not to be upset at their…

Done Right

A Jakob’s Journal short published on April 19th, 2020.

Missing shots

We’re not going to make every shot we take. By the time we’re good enough to make them consistently, we’ve typically logged more misses than we can count. Then why shoot at all? Because not-shooting yields the same dull outcome as missing, and at least a missed shot provides an opportunity to learn.

Thoughts | 4/17/20

What is the healthiest level of skepticism? — it can be a safety feature, but it can also be a wellness killer. Is it harder to say goodbye, each time you leave the house, to your first child? Or to your first dog? The people that will truly appreciate the trees we plant will be…

3 Lessons from the Garden

1. The sun takes no breaks. No matter how hard I work, sunburn will always suck. 2. The faster I move about, the slower things seem to grow. Nature has its own schedule. 3. We don’t control the weather. So, why bother stressing it?


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