I’m here now

Being ‘present’ is a concept I’ve been working on lately. I often get caught up in the chaos of my ambition, but I also know intimately how valuable it is to keep a mindfulness practice. So, I try. Here’s a note I took after I meditated a few days ago—I’ve put together a nice routine lately. If you’re interested in knowing more about it, send me a message on IG (@jakobgollon) or an email at jakobgollon@gmail.com

We’re all on our own timeline, and it’s full of peaks and valleys, ups and downs.

Today, I thought back on a night not long ago.
We were just sitting on the couch, in the “back room”, which no longer even has a couch.
I’d meditated not long before we sat there.

We had no good news or bad to share, but the days were long, and my keeping busy had, like it often does, suspended my mind in a constant state of activity. I was exhausted.

Jamie, my wife, knew exactly what to say, which if I recall, was but a few simple, meaningful words.

Then, at that moment, I found my balance.

Everything was still.

I turned to her, and said in natural honesty, “I’m here now.” I was staring graciously, focused intently, but not too tight, into my wife’s eyes.

After holding eye contact, “welcome to the present moment”, is what trickled out of her mouth, and a few tears puddled in her eyes. She’d wanted so badly for me to slow myself down and to be there with her, in the moment. She knew, above all else, that I needed it — for her and I’s well-being, for my health, and for a multitude of other reasons.

I’ll never forget that moment. It was one of those turning points. As if something that was understood in principle was suddenly experienced in real time.

I would like to replicate that. 
I WILL replicate that.

I’d like for you to experience that if you have not.
You WILL experience that soon.

At that time, I’d been on a consistent streak of meditation, maybe close to 20 days straight — twice daily. Of late, my consistency has suffered, but tomorrow’s a new day, and with that comes the opportunity to choose. Do so wisely. Do so mindfully.

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