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Writing in my journal (not quite) daily — anecdotes, curious ideas, metaphors, and oft spontaneous, valuable information.

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Jakob’s Journal

When we put the pen to paper, great things happen. It has taken me years to refine my writing habit to the point of adding value to someone besides myself, but here we are, and I am proud of the work. Most of the posts are short and easy to digest. Posting (not quite) daily.

Product & Place Reviews

Intentionality is a strong-suit of mine. I do not go places or use things unless they are an experiment or unless I trust their quality. If you’re a minimalist or conscious consumer, this will be good for you.

Mt. Botl

“Lifestyle Design” is the engine. Make The Best Of This Life. I hate to call it advice, but I’ve labored to create a great situation for my family and I, and what I’ve learned, I’m happy to share with you. | #Wisdom #Habits #Perspective #Health #Inspiration #Productivity #Relationships #Communication


Rarely political, but I’m not entirely exempt from that circus. Mostly, when something important or memorable happens, I like to articulate my perspective and maybe put a spin on it.


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