Blue, White, Mark Zuckerberg

New era.

No collar.

Wearing a collar to work used to carry with it implications that you were prepared, committed, focused, professional, etc.

Now, you look at some of the wealthiest and most influential people on the planet, and they wear white t-shirts to work, grow big beards, and take lots of silly selfies for instagram (Mark Zuckerberg).

Do they not care? Are they not committed? Is there a cap on their potential?

Some financial moguls have minimized their closet to single color t-shirts and pants in an attempt to make the daily dress-up routine even more efficient.

It’s clear that style has taken a back seat to productivity. Do not take that for granted. Especially in America, we reward outcomes, critical path thinking, and taking action over a person’s general appearance.

Everyone can LOOK the part, but can you PLAY the part?

Appearance can get you a seat at the table, but results are what gives you the credibility to speak up, and maybe even get invited back.

Whether you are a “blue-collar” or “white-collar” worker, just remember, it’s more about the quality of your work than it is about how you look while doing it. Sure, you have to meet standards when it comes to physical appearance at various jobs, but don’t let that become the identity and focal point of your career and work.


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