Gift of Existence

Some folks, even I at times, find it impossible that any living thing could be glad simply of the gift of existence. Utterly impossible.

It’s obvious in others, the few times we do see it.

It floods their whole body, illuminating their face. They glow. Radiant with joy. It is obscenely unique. Where did they find that? It’s surreal, like standing at the summit, awestruck, by the 360° view atop Yellow Mountain in Cashiers, NC [It just cannot be].

They are full. Of gratitude. Of thanks. Of composed understanding. Like the heavens opened silently and whispered into their ear the answers to life’s most unnerving questions.

We are blessed to breathe. How simple is that? Just to be alive.

People reproach us for discovering it. Is it jealousy?

But we must be unapologetic in that feeling.

We can’t be ashamed of that.

After all, is that not what all of us are searching for?

When hoards of people left home in search for gold, the person that found it kept few friends. Covetousness. Jealousy. If 1 of 100 strikes it rich, what say the 99?

Gravely discouraging, denying the fact that simplicity is the key, like the empty look in the eyes of a promising teen moments after shooting up with heroin for the first time.

Unnecessary agony.

What is more disappointing in our world than the wide-spread anxiety, doom, and jealousy that we face every day?

It’s that some folks have found that THING…

They are kind. They are collected and confident. Their mind is not idol, but wise in its desire to reason and achieve. They use rational thought. They are GRATEFUL—simply —to exist.

Then they throw it to the pigs.

DO NOT refuse that feeling, that joy, because you’ve been told it’s a mirage. It is not.

Or from the guilt. Oh, I beg you, pay no mind to the guilt.

Groupthink would have you worried. “How could I? One of the flawed, of all people, find this sort of simple joy?”

It’d be easier to join the others in their misery than it would be to unwrap this gift and revel in it.

Exist as you wish.

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