The MYC Study – Austen Lane

austen lane football 1

What’s up Team!?

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This week’s episode is with Austen Lane, former NFL player turned MMA fighter who is competing in Dana White’s Contender Series coming up.

Thanks for listening!

Sorry for the informality of our release this week. Keep reading if you’d like a little Gollon Squad personal flavor for the week, haha. If not, go right on ahead to the podcast. Cheers!

My wife and I are actually in IRELAND currently! It’s our honeymoon… and I promised her that I wouldn’t spend much time ‘working’ (if you can call it that) on the podcast, though, she’s always encouraging me to spend as much time as I need on it!

I scheduled this one out ahead of time. I’ve been doing the notes and writing from a splendid seaside restaurant in Glendore and just up the cliffs a wee-bit in Glengarriff at our Bed & Breakfast over some Irish Coffee. Here are a few pictures (not that you care to know much about my personal life, but nonetheless, the beauty is awe-inspiring and worth sharing for anyone who has the travel itch. I’ll make a blog post about our trip when we return).

Love you all, thanks for listening and reading 🙂





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