Langston Hall | The MYC Study

CLICK HERE to listen to “The Master Your Craft Study” Podcast

Mercer basketball legendary Point Guard, Atlantic Sun Player of the Year, All-World caliber leader… Langston Hall, sits down with MYC host Jakob Gollon, both who happen to be former teammates and fellow captains on the 2014 Mercer University team that upset #3 seed Duke in the NCAA Tournament. The conversation ranges from leadership styles to the ins-and-outs of overseas pro basketball. Any athlete desiring to play professionally one day should listen to this episode. @TheMYCstudy

CLICK HERE to listen to “The Master Your Craft Study” Podcast

^^^ The above link will take you to the official THE MYC STUDY website. There, click the big podcast button 🙂 OR just go to your phone, and use whatever app that you usually listen to podcasts on (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Pocketcasts, Google Podcasts, etc). Search for “The Master Your Craft Study” and it’ll pop right up!

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