Automation, Saving Time

Automation rules the growing world right now. It has for decades.

In actuality, the whole idea of creating an industrial process is akin to modern automation — albeit, now, it’s made up of robot labor, rather than human labor.

To grow (or ‘to scale’ if we’re in the business world), streamlining our process is necessary. A CEO’s dilemma: just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. Learning to hire out, delegate, and automate daily tasks is an essential idea.

BUT … (there’s always a ‘but’)

Some things cannot be replaced by automation.

Here are 2, of a great many, examples:

Exercise – We cannot automate blood-flow, which, much to our chagrin, is responsible for our health. Sitting is the new smoking. We have to move our own body if we want to stay alive. Simple concept. I agree, though… it would be nice if we could hire out our exercise.

Relationships – Our family and friends won’t likely agree to communicating with a Virtual Assistant instead of us. They want love. Personal, affectionate love. They want attention. They want interaction. They want community. To some varying degree, we all do. None of that can be automated.

⇒⇒⇒ Make a list of all the ‘tasks’ in your life that CANNOT be automated, and then realize how valuable it is to automate everything else. In fact, that is precisely why we do automate!

To save time

Saving time for the things that matter. Saving time for the people and things that we actually WANT to spend time on.

Over-automation is sinister. That’s a facet of the rat race.

  1. I know that automation will give me more time for what matters.
  2. I have automated everything in my life.
  3. “I am sorry Steve, I cannot hang out with you this Friday, I am too busy adding more responsibilities to my life that need automating.”

Starting the Keurig is much faster than waking up an hour early to walk to the coffee shop. Although, the exercise we get on the way, and the folks we socialize with while we sip our espresso might make the rest of our time that day more worthwhile.

Time value is tricky. Assign it with care.

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