Leadership, Consistency

Assuming that we’re ready to take on the great burden of becoming a leader, the question we ask ourselves ought to be, “How do we earn our influence?”

There’s no utility in developing an arsenal of leadership skills if we have nobody to lead.

Leading is about 1) Doing excellent work, consistently, and then 2) Being able to teach, inspire, or create access for others to do excellent work.

Showing up, repeatedly, with an acute aim at having our best day, is a wise way to begin.

Step-by-step, our daily demeanor will inspire our peers (with our effort, our energy, our love, and our gracious lust for the opportunity to grow), and soon, we’ve earned their respect. That respect is what filters us to the frontlines. When we get there, leading is not only possible, but it’s expected.

Be cautious: The responsibility to lead is not for the timid—aim only for what you truly want.
Be cautious, more: The demand for great leaders is (always) high—if you commit to the ‘consistency thing’, you WILL become a leader.

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