Hurry Earlier

There’s nothing innately wrong with being in a hurry.

It’s ok to rush around a bit. If a spark of energy hits us, why not take advantage?

Hurrying out of obligation, though, is a killer.
Hurrying because we’re late?
That’s bad news.

My thought on hurrying is:
Hurry often, but hurry on purpose.

When we find ourselves hurrying…

…to get to work in the morning
Potential issues: no time to pack lunch = eat fast food, driving too fast = ticket or accident.
Better way: hurry to get to sleep the night before, hurry to wake up on our first alarm.

…to finish the assignment
Potential issues: lower quality work, cramming at deadline = loss of sleep, stress.
Better way: hurry to schedule work sessions and hurry through each one = incremental progress.

to accomplish our life goals
Potential issues: our lives pass before our eyes, and we forget to stop and smell the roses once in a while.
Better way: take a deep breath, or ten, and just worry about the next viable step.

Hurrying by choice feels good and yields fantastic results. Hurrying out of obligation sucks, and it’s only necessary if we don’t choose to hurry earlier.

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