Moldy Taxes

By the time March rolls around, most of us have at least thought about doing the taxes.

Filing taxes is likely the most universally written ‘To-Do List Item’ throughout March.

Dirty fridge metaphor: we don’t regularly check our refrigerator for residue and the build up of food scraps. It rarely even crosses our mind. Then, when we take the time to clean the fridge, we almost can’t believe how much better we feel for doing so, and how much better we would have felt if we would have chosen to do so sooner. 

We’re entering the 2nd week of March, and there are about 5 weeks until taxes are due.

How much more productive might we be if we could do this: File Taxes ?

Do your taxes.

Even typing it multiple times gives me the jitters (we still haven’t done ours).

Imagine what curiosities we might explore, or how much more of our ‘down-time’ we’d enjoy, if we did our taxes this weekend rather than write it on the to-do list, but still not do it, for the next 5 weeks?

Sometimes, a kick in the ass, or a friendly reminder, is all we need.

Oh, by the way, there’s a few stray carrot top greens in the bottom left drawer, last weeks leftover sandwich with a hint of mold starting, and an expired bottle of ranch dressing you might want to address.

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