Permission to Poke

Go ahead…

Tear apart the theory.
Find the contradicting example, or out-of-context anomaly. Find the loophole, the leak in the boat.

I’d appreciate that.
Poke holes in everything if you’d like. I welcome the feedback—full disclosure: after a weekend with great people at a leadership summit, I wrote down several initiatives for self-correcting social systems, and almost every one comes down to accountability, ownership, responsibility, communication, and trust.

Letting others poke holes in our precious design, our baby, is part of the vulnerable, inclusive, process-oriented leadership that’s necessary to grow and scale in any successful organization.

Radical honesty is undefeated. Poke on. Poke at your peril, though. To open that door, we must be willing to accept feedback for our own. It must be a natural exchange. Don’t do it for pokes’ sake, do it because you want to see the organization grow and improve.

These people, committed to radically honest feedback, aren’t in the same arena as others. They are playing a whole different ball game. That’s the game I want to play, and that’s the game I want you to play, if you can handle it.

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