Engine Idle

Today, we’re all blessed with a fresh, full tank.

As we meander about our world, everything we do—where we go, who we interact with, how swiftly we move, what we choose to engage—all of it burns our fuel.

We mustn’t forget to use some, or all, of that fuel to drive toward ‘better’. Most of what we spend it on tends to be junk. Forgettable, shallow, junk.

Let’s put good mileage on today! Or, we can always turn the vehicle off. Maybe we need clearer directions, or Google Maps needs a minute to load.

We can’t burn through our tank if the key isn’t in the ignition. Wrong road? Park it, turn it off.

It’s important we don’t take too many joy-rides, but also, we can’t sit with engine idle, turning fuel to fumes, but going nowhere.

We don’t learn much in idle.

MOVE or MEDITATE — Those are our best options.

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