Quarantined, found-time

No commute to work.
No showering, or shaving, or dressing, before work.
Maybe, no more work.
No more making dinner reservations.
No more nights out on the town.
No more…. a lot of things.

There’s a bunch of found time floating around right now with everybody self-quarantining during this virus crisis.

Collectively, with all of this found time, the human race could do some amazing things if every single one of us, 7 billion strong, plugged in, orienting our minds toward a singular benevolent idea, contributing our best efforts, using our skills, and collaborating with our peers to solve the world’s toughest problems!

That’s not going to happen.

But somewhere, there are folks thinking up immensely meaningful ideas, analyzing the most complex situations, daring for greater. Those who wake with a fervor for excellence, and will let nothing hinder their pursuit of it.
How do they handle days like these?
What are they doing with this found time?


Short Answer: What do you think those sort of people would choose to do if they realized they had an extra couple hours at their disposal every day?

Short Answer: What have you been doing when you find extra time?


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