What’s the problem with wine bottles and beer growlers?
Most people don’t save any for later.

The winemakers and brewers take no issue with that. Our folly is their delight!
For the consumers, the folks dancing with indulgence, only having “1” is not the problem.
The problem is that “1” is a mirage.

1 cookie won’t make us fat.

1 cigarette won’t give us lung cancer.

1 is a pleasure… until it is not.
Then 1 is a warmup… and 2 is a treat!
Then 2 is routine… so why not have 3!?

The habit grows, and as it does, the joy depreciates and the consequences compound.

We know the basics of addiction, and we also know, all too well, what sort of things we’re personally addicted to… porn? anger? lazy behavior? bread? jealousy? social media? recognition? lying? sugar? blaming others? — We trade these things for temporary relief or immediate pleasure, but that’s a shortsighted plan.

It’s too easy to mollycoddle the monkey brain.
It knows what it wants, especially when the systems that we exist in provide easier access.

Week 1 = 1 Growler lasts 5 days
Week 5 = 1 Growler lasts 1 day
The problem with beer growlers?
After we’ve had our 1, the 2nd is now only a few steps away, rather than down the street at the store. That’s poor system design if all we planned to have was 1.

The only time heroin is ever just a “1” time thing is when there’s absolutely nowhere else to get heroin for a 2nd time.

If our standards and our systems allow for 1 inch of engagement, we know damn well that some of these things will demand a mile.

Years later, trying to kick a terrible habit, we’ll wonder why nobody told us that 1 was too much.

If none of this resonates with you, I’m glad.

If you read this and felt like somebody was carving out your heart with a blunt blade, we likely have more in common than you’d think, and I’d be willing to spend some time chatting with you about it — don’t feel shy or ashamed to send me a message.

Much love, Jakob

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