The thing about ‘difficult’

Difficult things would be easy, but they aren’t.

Easy is swift.
Want quick?
Pass on difficult, opt for easy.

Difficult is rewarding.
What’s the tradeoff?
Difficult is often slow, the path is narrow and horrifying,
and it tends to get lonely for a stretch.
Difficult things linger.
They smell and they nag,
but they don’t stay that way forever,
and difficult things will ALWAYS be rewarding.

Step by step, we will attract others that do the difficult thing. To be honest, that’s where the real fun begins.


If we succeed, we’re the best sort of success. Humbled by trial, noble, bold, and brave.
If we fail, we learn difficult lessons, and our growth is exponential.

There comes a time, for all of us, independently or collectively, that difficult things simply cannot be avoided. What then?

For those that chose difficult previously?
Everything seems easy.

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