Some Go Right

In times of crisis, some run toward the fight.

– U.S. Navy, magazine ad (circa 2009)

Helpful or hurtful—our actions, in crisis,
speak volumes of our character at heart.

Our decisions right now will expose, transparently, the sort of person we are
and the sort of person we’ve been.
What we do will also impact, greatly, the sort of person that we’ll become.

Some are bickering and bashing.
Some are exploiting the weak.
Some are lying, and some are leveraging.

Some are afraid of the truth.
Some are afraid that nobody knows.
Some are afraid that what’s true today, may change tomorrow.

Some are working, and
Some are playing, while others are resting their mind.

Some are nurses, doctors, and caretakers—We know who they’ve been, and we know what they’ve been called to do now.
Some are new, the riveters—the Rosie’s and Randy’s—sowing masks and delivering goods.
Some are just laying low, and trying to act responsibly.

Some are suffering immensely.
Some are suffering and still might lend a hand.

Some are acting for the best of our people, in mind or in deed, and…
Some are not.

In times of crisis, some run toward the fight.
Some-ONE like you and I,
will run one way, or not…
Go Right.

This is the magazine clipping that inspired my journaling today. It’s been hanging on my wall for years, and has traveled with me from state to state. Simple ad, powerful message.

Reading suggestion | “Going Right” by Logan Gelbrich
Logan is a leader of people, and a proponent of Mt. Botl. I figured I’d throw this reference in, as the finishing line, “Go Right”, is his mantra. It’s about logically justifying a worthy pursuit, and he talks about why we ought to be chasing our peak expression in everything we do. — fitting for this post, today.

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