Internet Me

Self Check! Here we go…

I know you all love when I do these ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a Journal Prompt: (if you close this out after reading that, you’re afraid of personal growth. There, I said it. Now pull out a pen and paper and do it).


1. Write down all of the social media applications that you use (IG, facebook, twitter, TikTok, etc).

2. Choose one from that list and log into that account.

3. Open your journal and make a list with #’s 1-25

4. Now, click on your profile page, and write down everything you’ve been POSTING, RE-POSTING, SHARING, SAYING, RECORDING, etc. โ€” anything that YOU sent out into the world for others to see (1 post = 1 line, up to 25). Don’t skip any. Write it all down.

5. Go through and read these 25 pieces of information that you shared with others, and then WRITE DOWN answers to the following questions.

a โ€” If I label, and then categorize the topics I posted about, does the ratio of categories represent what I want to be known for by other people?
b โ€” What thing or topic comes up most on your list?
c โ€” What are the 3 most important things/people/focuses, in my WHOLE LIFE? How many times do they or something about them come up in the 25?
d โ€” If I was seeing me for the first time, how would I describe this person based on these 20 posts?
e โ€” If your list was taken over by stuff about COVID-19 or Political commentary or some other topic that seemed to fill almost all 25 spots, then ask: Am I the sort of person that publicly gets ‘out of character’ when the environment is chaotic? Is this really me?
f โ€” Who are 2 people that I truly look up to most? What are the most popular themes on their social pages right now? What are they all about, online?
g โ€” If you died today, and these were the last 25 things you shared with the world to see and hear, would you be please about the impression you left and the legacy you’d leave behind?

If you’re up for it, generate your own questions, too. Have fun, and don’t cry when you realize that internet you is not even close to real you.

Tomorrow, my blog will be my list of 25 and the answers to these questions.

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