Internet Me – 2

I decided, as a response to my last journal prompt (as promised) to choose Instagram.

Below is a screenshot of my journal on the list: 1-25

And here are the follow up questions, answered honestly:

a — If I label, and then categorize the topics I posted about, does the ratio of categories represent what I want to be known for by other people? Yes, to the degree that I would like my writing to be a large part of my identity. I’m also realizing that for having been paid to be a ‘speaker’, I really haven’t produced much audio or video stuff to share with folks.
b — What thing or topic comes up most on your list? My writing. Which, is a good thing.
c — What are the 3 most important things/people/focuses, in my WHOLE LIFE? How many times do they or something about them come up in the 25? Family, living well, and love. It’s about 19-25.
d — If I was seeing me for the first time, how would I describe this person based on these 25 posts? Well, they like to write. They’re witty, but also have a bit of an ego… haha. Healthy living is important to him. He must be some sort of ‘coach’ or have an educational background.
e — If your list was taken over by stuff about COVID-19 or Political commentary or some other topic that seemed to fill almost all 25 spots, then ask: Am I the sort of person that publicly gets ‘out of character’ when the environment is chaotic? Is this really me? I didn’t fall victim to this. Of course, I wrote this question because I noticed it of so many other folks. Mine was taken over by my work, which, for some may not be there intent, but I certainly am trying to represent my thoughts and writing more than anything.
f — Who are 2 people that I truly look up to most? What are the most popular themes on their social pages right now? What are they all about, online? Naval Ravikant — minimal interaction, always potent. He’s actually involved more with the COVID-19 stuff than I would have expected, but he has taken a seriously critical and factual approach to this. I think his background as an investor is why he may be holding so much importance to this right now, but usually he doesn’t put out this much information. The other would be, Logan Gelbrich – former baseball player, deep thinking entrepreneur who’m I resonate with on many levels, and he’s constantly giving a personal input, but also has a strong presence on his professional pages that involves the gym business he runs, “Deuce”.
g — If you died today, and these were the last 25 things you shared with the world to see and hear, would you be please about the impression you left and the legacy you’d leave behind? I’d be pleased. I’d wish I could write more, but I wouldn’t be upset with it. At the very least, the folks that saw it might think, “he had so much more to offer, it’s a shame he died young.” At least, I hope that’s what they’d think. Else, they’d probably be like, “This guy thought he knew everything, good riddance”. Haha.

If you don’t journal much, I highly suggest it. If you need help, give me a shout. It’s one of the best things a person can do to start making the best of this life.

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