Late start? Who cares?

We’re 2 weeks into this stay-at-home experiment, and my wife hasn’t gone totally bonkers. I’m shocked. Yesterday is the first day she’s gone outside the fence that borders our property. What an odd time for our world right now — more connected than ever, AND more isolated than ever.

As we look upon the progress our peers have made on their side-hustles and personal development over the last 10-12 days of quarantine/social-distancing, it’s easy to feel bad about what we may or may not have been able to accomplish thus far, or feel ashamed that we’ve (maybe) even let some sinister habits sneak in, like sloth or gluttony or lust.

Don’t be silly.
You just need to go out into the woods for an evening, and relax.

Nobody even knows how long this will last, and the only person measuring your progress is you. Besides, everyone else is preoccupied telling everyone about their progress.

If you’re feeling guilty, though, do yourself a favor and kick it into gear sooner than later.

A small step today is better than the promise of a big leap tomorrow, and small steps aren’t nearly as daunting, but they’re damn effective.

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