Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

A poem by Jakob Gollon

The best time was then,
no doubt,
but now is prime,
there’s no better time,
to ignite some fiery bout.

Clutch thy mind and set thy aim,
For now will soon become then.
These days are fleeting.
We know,
We know.
But now will return again.

Tomorrow’s boast: “I am your lie” —
A lesson we’ve been taught before.
So hereafter, we chase,
each day,
with haste,
the scents and sounds we adore.

And nothing more,
Nothing more.
Just the things we adore,
With our now to explore,
We need not want any more.


Tomorrow is the greatest lie of them all.

What we keep delegating to some distance tomorrow, we might as well assume is dead. Sure, patience has immense value, but patience only comes when we’ve exhausted our effort or thought on the thing for that day. Patience comes AFTER we’ve done all that we can for the time being.

Making the best of this life has a lot to do with being present, and living in the ‘now’.

Be here, now, and take a step up Mt. Botl.

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