Best people

It can be scary wandering in the woods, and it’s worse when we get lost in there.

When the world around us crumbles — the forest we’ve been wandering through suddenly falls flat, and all we’re left with is the barren earth and open sky, vulnerable and true, vast and confused, embarrassed, defeated, paralyzed… and here we stand, lost again.

The woods, we feel now, might not have been all that bad.

We’ll always be thankful, in times like these, for having kept our best people close.
They are the stars — shining, guiding, lighting the way. Pointing the path. Soothing our soul. Covered by clouds or canopy, no matter, our people, our best people, are always there, and knowing of their presence, alone, is enough.

It’s easy to forget about our people when we’re among those trees, when we’re lost in the woods, but they are there. They are there.

I am so damn thankful that they are there.


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