Cheers to them

Cheers to the people sacrificing for the good of others.

Cheers to the people that seek to understand more often than they seek to judge.

Cheers to the doers.

Cheers to the thinkers.

Cheers to the fighters.

Cheers to the teachers, the coaches, the parents, the mentors.

Cheers to those creating better systems.

Cheers to those living with positive energy.

Cheers to the loud, and to the silent.

Cheers to those struggling, but desperately seeking a solution.

Cheers to the people that have it in them to change their mind.

Cheers to the logical.

Cheers to the believers.

Cheers to the creators.

Cheers to the leaders.

Cheers to the fearless.

Cheers to the selfless.

Cheers to you, no matter who you are now,
And cheers to you, for who you become tomorrow.


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