Quarantined + stay-at-home + shelter-in-place.

Our social senses are getting dull, or maybe numb already.
Our public spaces are empty.
The introverts are a bit confused, but also sort of happy.
The social butterflies are neurotic.
Business is suffering.
Society, at large, is suffering in a multitude of ways. Think of the ill, dying, or the one’s who have loved ones die but can’t even be at their side (they’re quarantined behind locked doors in a dark hospital room until they pass).

Our families, however, are getting stronger. Sure, there’s been some kinks to work out, but that’s a good thing! Many folks, whether they’ve lost work, are working from home, or usually travel for work, are now stuck at home. The default is ‘family-time’ and the efforts are all oriented around homebuilding.

Parents are spending more time with their kids than they EVER have.

Neighbors are holding ZOOM calls and finally meeting one another after spending years within a mile of each other and never crossing paths.

That’s wild.
People are now, sometimes—for the first time, building a life.

Planting roots.

At some point, be it weeks or months (my God, I hope it’s not years), we’ll have a chance to revert back to some kind of normal.

Is that what we’re hoping for? Back to normal?

I’ve had to take a hard look at it. My wife has been able to work from home for a few weeks now, and honestly, I believe it’s in our best interest to find a way for her to do so indefinitely. What a life we get to live when we have the option to spend as little or as much time together as we want!

Autonomyit might be the greatest luxury of them all.

There’s something magical happening, but yet, it all still feels quite limiting.

It’s almost like we want this same “home-based” lifestyle, but also the ability for a few public gatherings. We want to have a barbecue with the neighbors, or grab a beer with a friend.

It’s dire times for many, and we’re all a little scared of what’s to come. Nonetheless, this time has provided, to all of us, a fresh perspective, and an opportunity to reflect.

You are about to read a Journal Prompt
take advantage of your wandering mind and write something down!

We have a rare opportunity in front of us:

Let’s take a look at our lives, right now, objectively, and without the noise of commutes, traffic, deadlines, and social obligations. Let’s examine if ‘how we were living before COVID-19’, is really how we want to keep living until we die. Is it? Ask yourself! A career pivot may be necessary anyway, and this “stay-at-home” thing is pretty cool. Maybe we ought to start aiming at something different, set some new standards. What do you think?

We ought to stop thinking so much about branching out before we’ve rooted out.

Let’s not squander this opportunity to REFLECT on what it might mean to MAKE THE BEST OF THIS LIFE. Then maybe, just maybe, we’ll have the courage to start climbing that mountain once we all get our footing back.

I have re-written this section countless times. This is the crisis of our generation, defining one's self in an 'about me' box knowing that 95% of our peers will log that as 'who we are' without ever speaking to us, because reading the long-version is just too cumbersome for our over-crowded, busy lives. // In short: I'm a polymath with a hyperactive mind, curious about and fascinated by the complexities of, basically, everything. I'm firmly committed to living a life of "areté"—omnipresent excellence, and my mottos are 'making the best of this life' (Mt. Botl), and "Do it now or forever wish you had". // I had a 'famed' basketball stint (captaining the 2014 Mercer team that upset Duke in NCAA Tourney + winning a Nat'l Title as a coach). I quit the sports industry all-together, cold turkey, soon after. I had an existential crisis with 'glory' and 'meaning' and other challenging thoughts revolving around how many hours (90+/week) I was spending trying to 'win games'. // Since 2017, I've been in pursuit of several entrepreneurial ideas and am educating myself on a few new areas of focus. The following is a condensed list of the countless curiosities and industries that I've explored, worked in, or studied the last 3 years (of which I will need to choose 1-3 of to focus on sooner than later). Writing, Podcasting, Teaching—Adjunct College Professor, Public Speaking + Workshops, Building & Construction, Sustainable Real Estate Development—Industrial + Urban Repurposing in particular, Negotiation, Marketing—Branding/design/communications, Woodwork, Gardening, Permaculture-based farming and homesteading, Psychology, Industrial Engineering—Process Improvement + UX consulting, Project Management, Renewable Energy, & Executive Coaching for (select) clients focusing on leadership, personal brand + career development, health habits, productivity, networking, and communication skills. Yes, all of it, and since I sleep minimally, and my mind races like an ostrich all day and night, I know a fair bit about each of those topics. I have an obsession with learning. I'm always looking to connect and have conversations with folks, so, hit me up. I hope my work brings you joy, value, a challenge, or a ripe perspective. Much love, Jakob

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