Gifting Courage

I’d love to inspire you to act courageously, but I’m afraid that it’s a gift that can’t be given.

It’s the collision of circumstances:
1) An observer’s desire to be courageous, and therefore, on the hunt to learn it
2) A person (that the observer begins observing), in all of their glory, fully engaged in their most excellent expression — acting courageously. 

That is a thing we all want — to act courageously. 

There are many fathers and mothers who’d love to gift their children a courageous spirit. They cannot do that, directly. They must live courageously if they hope to pass it along.

As a novice writer, I can’t inspire you to act courageously, but what I can do is keep discussing it and telling stories about it, frequently and elegantly enough, that maybe you’ll begin to seek it.

It’s easy to find.

Courage is as obvious as the Giant Green Giraffe in the corner of the room (over there), which, nobody can give you as a gift either, but if you’ve got the eyes for it, you’ll find it.

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