Google “words”

If you type “words” into Google and search it, the first result is for a Words with Friends game cheat website.

In fact, the top 5 results are for ways to cheat on word games/apps.

I have two thoughts on this:

  1. If we polled all of our friends that we (used-to) play Words with Friends against, I’m willing to bet that most would say they do not or never did cheat. Google results, ranked based on usage and hits, might tell a different story. Odds are, some of our friends are liars.
  2. Words hold immense power, and our most common ‘research’ via google is related to cheating and winning phone games using words. So, we’re bad at using them, and even when we cheat, we do it for purposeless game-winning. Wow.

Big data… Google results are fascinating, however, they don’t dictate what each of us, as individuals, will decide to do first thing tomorrow morning.

Some of us will open our phones and go (quite easily) to a word finder website for cheaters in order to win a phone game. Others will open a book and learn several new words and concepts.

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