Improving things

Any thing, over time, will deteriorate. That is, after all, the natural course of things. Soil and foliage, micro-organisms and mycelium, they break down and decay whatever they’re in contact with.

Everything rots.

As humans (for better or for worse, nobody knows) we reject the natural course. We attempt to preserve, and sustain, and build, and grow.

It takes immense effort to sustain, though.

No building lasts forever.
No business runs itself.

Full autonomy is an illusion.
Nothing can sustain, over any amount of time, without care and attention from someone, somewhere.

Our brains can decay, too.

Books don’t read themselves.

Deciding to improve something isn’t ‘extra credit’, it’s a necessary step if we care about preservation, success, longevity, and sustainability.

Cleaning up the mess is part of the project.
Getting an oil change is part of driving.

If we ever find ourselves bored or struggling to keep engaged, just remember: everything around us will rot if we don’t tend to it.

If there’s nothing better to do, pick a thing, any thing, and improve it.

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