A Call to Leaders — please read this.

LEADERS! — please take the 2 min to read this.

I speak to my wife and my closest friends about this frequently, and I hope that at some point I am able to talk to each of YOU about this as well.


What I am about to say is one of the only reasons that I even spend (not waste) time on social media. This is not something to be taken lightly.

Trust me, there’s a very distinct sinister side to media, and it’s damn ugly; social media, and the entire culture of fleeting, dishonest, alternate personalities, BUT…

Where the cause of misery exists, so too must the forces that work against it.

I want to educate, to bring value, to serve. These technological communities can be of tremendous value to us if only the leaders of our world would join the party, and not for ‘the likes’. That dopamine hit can grab any of us, but we need leaders that don’t give a damn about clickbait and stats and ads and likes, but that want to “Make Wisdom Go Viral”, as so eloquently, and frequently, shouted by Jay Shetty.

“Ugh, social media is exhausting. It’s fake. It’s irrelevant. The people on there don’t matter anyway”. I’ve heard it all.

Maybe I’m ‘folding to pressure’. Maybe not. Look at any great leader, they’ve ALWAYS walked the streets of the people, even if it means having rocks thrown through their window, death threats, discouraging experiences, or harsh criticisms (from peers, too). To any self-reflecting person, it’s obvious that social media is equally as treacherous: depression, anxiety, suicide, failing critical thinking and communication skills that will ultimately lead to a very dull human experience unless our minds are completely wired to VR.

Professor of Leadership. That’s my title currently. How can I completely ignore THE MOST FREQUENTLY USED MEDIUM OF COMMUNICATION today, and call myself any sort of leader, or, an educator of leadership!

I plan to be one of them, one of the positive voices of great lasting impact, but we need so many more than what we have now.

This is a call to anyone that’s a true leader.

We have to learn the language. Simple as that. Like it or not.

I am talking to YOU!

If you hear this message, and most won’t, (it’s like a dog whistle — “the call to leaders”) but if it resonates with you, like it does to me, then I need to hear from you. Message me. It’s time to collaborate.

To me, the duty to education immediately follows any level of personal success or mastery. I have not mastered myself. Maybe you have. Although, I do feel comfortable saying that I’ve got a good foundation. I worked hard to build that.

While we continue this daunting climb, it becomes more and more evident to me that it is our DUTY to throw the rope back down, and pull everyone else up with us.

For some of you, I won’t take no for answer, you’re coming along. You know who you are. For others, let me know when you’ve made that choice.

I can help. I can educate you. Coach you. I can provide you the weapons you need. All you have to do is ask. Let’s lead.


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