Tony Robbins 5 Simple Steps to Take Control of Your Life and Thrive

Whether it’s to level-up and improve your already successful design or if you desperately need to make some changes, Tony outlines some of the necessary steps. They’re harder to implement than they look, but the first step is knowing what you have to do.

Certainly, you’ve been introduced to the immensely powerful and emotionally moving Tony Robbins. He’s been active in the life-coaching scene for some time, but as of late, his programs have grown exponentially, and he’s performing/coaching in front of thousands of people for days straight on these life-changing retreats.

Some folks aren’t into the ‘Self-Help’ genre, and that’s ok. Here’s how I see it, though. You either 1) See the value and appreciate what a guy like Tony does, whether you benefit from it or not. 2) Don’t realize how tremendously negative and detrimental most of our mass media influencers are, and don’t understand that we need more folks like Tony, or 3) You are an advocate of ‘Self-Sabotage’ rather than ‘Self-Help’, and you’re seeking some sort of commiseration over denouncing coaches and mentors.

Personally, I know several people that have attended one of his events. NONE were disappointed, and ALL said that it was worth the financial investment to attend. And they’re not cheap.

I have not attended any of his live events, but Tony remains one of the people that I study and look to emulate the most (if you want to see some of the other folks on my “Mentors from a Distance” list, click here). Is attending one of Tony’s events in my future? Hoping so.

Here is a summary from one of Tony’s talks that details the 5 things you need to do to change your life for the better. The full video (audio on Youtube) is at the bottom of the blog. I encourage you to listen if you have the time. Otherwise, enjoy my summary. Please share.

1. Feed and strengthen your mind

Time to take control. Every day, we act like sponges, soaking up information and stories, interpreting the world through our experience. What happens if we don’t intentionally feed our minds with positive or strengthening thoughts and messages? The same that happens if you plant a garden and don’t tend it. Weeds, bugs, and rot.

We can’t sit around hoping for our lives to grow simply by wishing it to be so. We have to pull the weeds, mix in good soil, and water our garden. As people, that might include deciding not to watch television, especially the news. It might also have to do with who we follow on social media, or how much time we’re spending on our phones in general. Engage the world. Communicate on a personal level with positive, intellectual, successful people. Feeding our minds is the first step in heading down a better path.

2. Feed and strengthen your body

Physiology rules. No matter how mentally strong we are, a failing physical routine will always make us miserable. We can’t think without blood flow. If we want to be committed to having a healthy mind, we simply cannot ignore the fact that it is directly tied to being healthy physically.

Start a routine. Even if it’s small, just start. It could be dancing in our kitchen or going for a walk. Don’t wait for the perfect trainer or gym membership or motivation to roll around. Pick something that is consistently achievable, and start.

3. Find a role model or mentor to learn from

This could be a person, or a business, or an idea. Whatever our goals happen to be, find the ideal of that and start emulating their actions and mindsets. Doing this helps us clear up our vision. We know where we’re headed if we can paint the picture of who or where we want to be. It’s best to find someone to communicate with in person, but it doesn’t hurt to have mentors both personal and from a distance.

4. Take action

Nothing comes from ideas alone. Massive action is always the difference between those who achieve what they want in life and those who do not.

Even if we struggle for a bit, we can redirect, but we learn little to nothing by trying to think our way to a better life. Thought is only step 1, but acton is the lever that moves the machine. Start now. Don’t wait. Take the first actionable step now and navigate later.

5. Feed your spirit

Like our minds and bodies, we cannot be happy until we’ve found a way to feed our spirit. Whether we’re christian or buddhist or what have you, most of us follow some general guidelines around what it means to find meaning in life. That answer almost always comes back to selfless service.

Being a giver is the only way to fulfill our spirit. The following is a bible quote. Not only must we give, but we must do so cheerfully, with an open heart and mind, never expecting anything in return.

“6 Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Throughout my studying of Tony, I’ve come to realize that many of his concepts are shockingly simplistic in structure, but unbelievably difficult to follow.

Don’t be discouraged when you struggle with this list. We all do. It’s not a destination thing, but rather, a 5-step process worth integrating, and revisiting every few months.

I hope it served you well to read this. Thanks for taking the time with me.



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