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Improving things

Any thing, over time, will deteriorate. That is, after all, the natural course of things. Soil and foliage, micro-organisms and mycelium, they break down and decay whatever they’re in contact with. Everything rots. As humans (for better or for worse, nobody knows) we reject the natural course. We attempt to preserve, and sustain, and build,…

When should I jump?

That depends.Where would you like to land? Jumping rope? It’s all about perfect timing.It’s all about landing in the same spot. Jumping jacks? It’s all about quantity. It’s all about landing and jumping again. Jumping the moat? It’s all about distance. It’s all about landing on the other side. If you’re wondering:”When should I jump…

Then & Now + a poem

There’s never been a better time in our lives to start living out our ideals and doing the things that we’ve promised for ourselves. “One day I will ________________.”— you (in the past) Long before the COVID-19 crisis created global issues, many of us had still not followed through on our promises, so we ought…

Did you?

I won’tI don’t want toI can’t Lead us down the same path as… I shouldI mightI willI ought toI’m thinking about it All of that emotional halfassery is for the birds. The only thing that matters, at the end of the day is… I did.

Some Go Right

Whether helping or hurting, our actions—in crisis, speak volumes of our true character.

(un)Common Conversations

At (literally) any time, we could log on, hit the feed, and we wouldn’t have to scroll very far to find an argument, or seven.

The Dividers

Of the dividers, be wary. They like it this way, and may even try to cultivate it.


If we knew, with absolute certainty, that an enormous asteroid would suddenly, and completely, wipe out the existence of life on earth, every inch of the planet, covered in dust and ash, by Thursday of next week, I think we’d make a relatively compelling case as to why Elon Musk (or maybe NASA) should immediately…

Engine Idle

Today, we’re all blessed with a fresh, full tank. As we meander about our world, everything we do—where we go, who we interact with, how swiftly we move, what we choose to engage—all of it burns our fuel. We mustn’t forget to use some, or all, of that fuel to drive toward ‘better’. Most of…


A poem by Jakob Gollon

Infinite Indecision

We have so many options, it’s scary to think what folks might have done before they needed to ponder all of this each day!

Permission to Poke

Go ahead, Poke away!! We’re past that by now. We’re playing a different game.

Hurry Earlier

There’s nothing innately wrong with being in a hurry. It’s ok to rush around a bit. If a spark of energy hits us, why not take advantage? Hurrying out of obligation, though, is a killer. Hurrying because we’re late? That’s bad news. My thought on hurrying is: Hurry often, but hurry on purpose. When we…

Searching for Excellence

Ahh, we’re on the hunt again for our excellence? Stop sniffing around for it. We will never just ‘find’ excellence.

The Calling

A poem by Jakob Gollon

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